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Commercial & Business Insurance in Burlington Made Affordable

CCV is pleased to provide business insurance to Burlington company owners that is tailored to meeting the requirements of every industry. Our team understands what a huge investment having a business can be, and it isn’t just money, either. It’s dedication and it’s time. That is exactly why CCV wants to work with you. We provide business insurance to Burlington enterprises that you can rely on for adequate financial protection in case anything happens. Additionally, our team will review your business assets and needs regularly to see what risks you face and how you can mitigate your losses.

Complete Commercial Insurance in Burlington Tailored for Local Businesses

We provide a wide range of commercial and business insurance. For those who work with our business insurance brokers Burlington companies have access to, the goal is simple. We get to know your business and learn about the specific assets you own as well as the risks you face. We then customize a policy that’s right for your company and keeps your costs in line. At CCV, our 50 years of experience really helps ensure you can keep your business safe. Ask us about all of your commercial insurance needs including:

  • Commercial Auto Insurance – for protecting your commercial vehicles or fleets
  • Property insurance – for protecting commercial property, buildings, detached structures
  • Protection for your equipment, inventory, and furnishings
  • Liability Insurance to mitigate your expenses if you should ever face a lawsuit
  • Coverage for Professionals who need advanced liability insurance

Discuss with CCV’s brokers today to learn more about what we offer for business insurance. Burlington company owners can have peace of mind with the knowledge that they have a financial safety net if anything happens thanks to CCV Insurance. Our experts are proud to offer insurance plans that can protect all of your business assets, as well as your commercial vehicles and multiple business locations. Chat with us about what risks your business faces, such as business interruptions, claims made against company drivers, and lawsuits. We will help protect you and your company against them.

Protecting Your Burlington Business No Matter Its Size

We have the business insurance your Burlington enterprise needs. And, we make it simple for you to get it. Every business is different. We’ve worked with companies in multiple industries and provide them all with the same level of exceptional service and outstanding financial protection. More so, when it is time to file an insurance claim, our experienced Burlington business insurance brokers are here to help you through the process one step at a time. Protect your assets, safeguard your business practices, and reduce the risks you face from liability claims. At CCV, your business is our priority. We want you to be secure in knowing that with our insurance products, we can get you back to your normal as seamlessly as possible following a loss.

Request a Free, No Obligation Burlington Commercial Insurance Quote Today

When securing business insurance quotes Burlington companies can rely on our team. Talk to us about your needs and let us customize an insurance policy right for you. There is no cost to you for a quote and there is no obligation to work with us. Contact our agents today to discuss your business and to get a free quote.

3 of The Most Popular Questions for Business Insurance in Burlington

Commercial insurance in Brampton can be complicated, but we would never ask you to know everything there is. CCV is always here to help answer your questions for you to smooth out the process.

See three of the most popular questions we get asked about commercial insurance in Burlington below.

Is business insurance in Brampton mandatory?

Depending on the business, some enterprises must carry business insurance in Burlington by law. However, even if your business does not require insurance it is still highly recommended nonetheless.

What is the difference between general liability vs professional liability insurance?

A CGL policy or general liability insurance policy is designed to cover businesses from lawsuits due to property damage or bodily injury. This is the most basic form of liability coverage and is included in every business insurance policy.

On the other hand, professional liability insurance or errors & omissions’ insurance is designed for enterprises that offer professional advice or services. It can cover legal expenses from claims of negligence, malpractice, misinformation, and more.

Is business insurance in Brampton tax deductible?

Business insurance is part of the cost of running a business, meaning that it is eligible for tax deduction and you can deduct premiums for general liability or professional liability insurance – as long as these coverages are considered to “serve a business purpose.”

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