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Umbrella Liability

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Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance in Ontario

Umbrella liability insurance is coverage that is in excess of specified insurance policies such as commercial general liability and automobile liability. Umbrella liability coverage applies when the limits of liability under the specified underlying policies have been exhausted.

General and automotive liability insurance is designed to safeguard and protect, but it isn’t always enough. In some cases, businesses need coverage that goes above and beyond a standard policy. Commercial umbrella liability insurance in Ontario is designed to cover these holes, providing your business with much-needed protection should accidents outside your general liability insurance come to pass.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Like an umbrella when it rains, umbrella insurance is designed to protect a policyholder from unpleasant surprises. While most general liability policies are comprehensive, events can transpire that exhaust your standard policy’s cap. In these cases, an umbrella policy can pick up all or most of your additional expenses.

In addition to exceeding monetary coverage limits, commercial umbrella insurance in Ontario can also cover incidents outside the bounds of your basic policies. For example, an automotive liability insurance plan may cover the use of vehicles within your greater metro area, while an umbrella policy may expand to the rest of the province or country. When you believe there may be a use for additional protection, a customized umbrella policy can be an extra layer of security against even the most unlikely accidents.

Like most insurance policies, commercial umbrella insurance can be customized to your business’ unique needs. Coverage is specially tailored to your financial situation, daily operations, industry, location, property features, tax situation and payroll expenses, in addition to all currently maintained insurance policies, both liability and otherwise.

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CCV Insurance is one of the most trusted names in insurance. When you’re seeking a reputable resource for commercial umbrella liability insurance in Ontario, our brokers are the right team for the job. With a mission to search outside the box for ideal coverage in every situation, we’re prepared to customize the policy that’s right for you. Contact us today to get a commercial umbrella liability insurance quote in Ontario and see for yourself why CCV Insurance is perfectly poised to protect your business.

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