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Small Business Insurance Ontario

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CCV Insurance Offers Small Business Insurance to Ontario Professionals

You’ve spent so much time and effort into getting your small business in Ontario off the ground. Have you also taken the time to protect your business? CCV Insurance offers personalized small business insurance in Ontario to help protect your company from financial hardship. CCV Insurance knows businesses, and we’ve been working hard to help businesses like yours for decades. We understand the kind of mindset that goes into building a business, which is why we’ve curated comprehensive small business insurance solutions for Ontario organizations. 

With CCV Insurance, there’s no guesswork, and there’s no overcomplication. We can get you easy-to-understand small business insurance in Ontario for a competitive price. Start today with a free small business insurance quote. 


Why Buy Small Business Insurance in Ontario? 

All businesses are at risk of a loss. Some businesses more so than others, and some in different ways than others, but let’s face the facts — if you’re in business, you have the potential to be faced with an unexpected event that could impact you financially. If your business isn’t prepared, or the scale of the incident is much larger than you could have anticipated, you could even find yourself without a business to run. This is the unfortunate reality for too many small businesses. In Ontario, small business insurance is a must-have to help your business operational for as many profitable and successful years to come. Just think: how many things does your business need to run successfully? What if one or more those things were impacted negatively? How could you continue to generate revenue and pay your staff? The right small business insurance coverage can protect your business against the risks it faces and give you peace-of-mind to operate without a doubt. 


What Does Small Business Insurance in Ontario Cover? 

Small business insurance in Ontario is an all-encompassing term to refer to several different insurance policies that make up a customized protection plan for your business. Your policy can include coverage for its physical property, its liability, its contents, products, staff members, liability for services or advice, commercial vehicles and so much more. Working with a CCV Insurance small business insurance broker in Ontario is one of the best ways to ensure you get the customized insurance solutions you need for your ultimate peace-of-mind. 

Here are some of the coverage options you might find beneficial. 

General Liability Insurance 

General liability insurance is essential coverage that protects you if your employees or business operations indirectly or incidentally cause property damage or injury to a third-party, who then sues your business for their losses or medical bills. Any business that interacts with clients on some level should have general liability insurance. It can cover lawsuit costs as well, including judgement awards, settlement fees, administrative costs and more. This insurance is also referred to as commercial general liability insurance, business liability, or just slip-and-fall insurance. 

Product Liability Insurance 

If your business sells a product and that product is faulty, causing injury or illness to the customer that uses it, this form of liability coverage provides protection for your business. As an example, if you ran a restaurant and a client suffered from food poisoning due to a dish that you offered, they might sue you for their resulting loss of income or medical bills.  

Professional Liability Insurance 

If your business deals in the offering of services or advice in exchange for money, you could be sued by a dissatisfied client. Claims made for errors, negligence or omissions over professional service or advice can be costly and rather complex in nature. It’s better to have the right insurance than worry about what might happen. Professional liability insurance (also known as errors and omissions insurance) is beneficial for financial advisors, consultants, contractors, counsellors, therapists and other professionals. 

Here are a few other examples of small business insurance coverages that you can discuss in further detail with one of CCV Insurance’s expert small business insurance brokers in Ontario: 

  • Commercial vehicle insurance 
  • Pollution liability insurance 
  • Directors and officers insurance 
  • Equipment breakdown insurance 
  • Business interruption insurance 
  • Workers’ compensation insurance 
  • Product recall insurance 

How Much Does Small Business Insurance in Ontario Cost? 

In Ontario, small business insurance costs are based on several different variables. The following factors may influence your overall costs for small business insurance in Ontario: 

  • Your business’ yearly revenue. For coverages like business interruption insurance, this can gauge how much lost income you will need compensation for and how much coverage you will therefore be needing. 
  • Your business’ location. How much foot traffic does your business receive? A busy city may raise your risk of a slip-and-fall claim. Or, if you do business in an area with high crime rates, your business could be at higher risk of seeing a potential break-in. 
  • Your business’ size. An injury is more likely to go unnoticed in a large warehouse than in a small retail store. Typically, the larger the business, the more expensive the insurance. 
  • Your insurance history. Statistically, the more claims you have made in the past may influence your odds of making additional claims in the future. 
  • Your business experience. Businesses that have had more experience in the industry and a more in-depth record may pay less than newer, fresher businesses. 
  • Your business’ industry. Some industries are more likely to have claims made against them for injuries or damages. Businesses that sell silverware have a very different risk profile than a business that deals in grief counselling. 

How can you get the best possible rates for your small business insurance in Ontario? Running a small business in Ontario requires support. That’s where CCV Insurance brokers come in, of course. Our brokers can get you the best protection for a competitive price. 

How Can I Get Cheaper Small Business Insurance in Ontario? 

We don’t like the word “cheap” when it comes to insurance because it likely means your small business is not adequately protected — which can result in significant financial hardships in the event of an uninsured loss.  

But CCV Insurance can find you a competitive rate for the coverage you need. We do this by shopping around for rates that suit your needs and budget; helping you find savings opportunities; getting you coverage that ensures you only pay for what you need; and offering you tips on how to reduce your rates. 

Remember that insurance is just one part of a larger risk management strategy. Having good risk mitigation measures in place can help minimizing the potential of a lawsuit or loss, which in turn can help you get more affordable small business insurance. In Ontario, insurance is one part of risk management — not the whole thing! Make sure you’re looking after your business from every potential angle to ensure that you can foster growth and success for many years to come. 

Get the Right Small Business Insurance in Ontario with CCV Insurance 

CCV Insurance’s team of expert brokers do more than just get you comprehensive small business insurance in Ontario. We work directly with you and provide you our expertise, as only knowledgeable brokers are capable of, to ensure you are confident with every decision you make for your business’ risk management strategy. Thanks to our access to some of the top and best insurance markets in the world, we can provide you with affordable and comprehensive insurance solutions for your small business in Ontario. Start today with a free, no obligation small business insurance quote. 

Start a conversation with one of our expert brokers today to determine the right coverage for you.
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