Wind and trees

Don’t blow your coverage.

Will insurance pay for my tree that blew over or the cost to cut it up?

Trees are not insured against wind damage, nor are the costs to cut them up unless the tree or large branches have fallen and damaged your insured property. Most insurance carriers will pay the cost to remove the tree from the roof, deck or fence in order to commence repairs.

If my tree blows over onto a neighbours property, am I responsible to remove it or am I legally liable for any damage it causes to their property?

Ownership of a tree does not make you liable for damage or removal unless the tree was clearly dead or dying, dropping large branches and your neighbour had put you on notice in writing.

My tree fell onto a jointly owned fence my neighbour and I built. Which insurance company should pay for the fence.

Each insurance carrier would respond for 50% of the total damage to the fence, and each of you would be responsible for your full deductible.

My tree didn’t fall over but is leaning precariously and / or a large branch is just hanging ready to fall. Will my insurance company pay to cut down the tree or remove the branch so I don’t have a claim?

Your insurance carrier does not pay for preventative tree or branch removal. That is your responsibility as a homeowner.