Mydriving discount

What is Usage-Based Insurance and How Will It Save Me Money?

Telematics are changing traditional auto insurance polices.

Haven’t heard about how you can save on your auto insurance with telematics? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.  Telematics, or usage-based insurance (UBI), involves plugging a wireless device into your car to gauge your driving habits. Connecting your my Driving Discount device is as easy as finding your On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port, which is usually under the dashboard, close to the steering column, at about the level of your feet. 
By participating in the my Driving Discount program offered by Intact, you will be monitored for the following:
      • Sudden Braking
      • Abrupt Acceleration
      • Time and Distance Driven
This data will be used to determine your personalized discount. This not only rewards good drivers with lower insurance rates but encourages better driving habits. Clients who enroll in the my Driving Discount program  will save 5% immediately on their auto insurance with Intact and  up to 25% at the time of their next renewal depending on your driving behaviour.
For more information about that my Driving Discount, please call our office at 1.877.422.8467.