Heavy rain on top of substantial snow on the ground spells the first potential flooding of the year.

Steps to help prevent sewer backup – When rising waters are expected, it is vitally important to establish a watch system to monitor your property drainage system to quickly identify and address any issues such as back-up, flooding, etc. Being prepared and responding quickly often minimizes the damage potential. Click here for methods to help minimize sewer backup into a building.
Protecting your home – There are steps you can take to ensure your home is protected. Here are some immediate steps to help prevent damage. More information is available on the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s website.
Here are precautions to take immediately:

· Assemble an emergency kit – flashlight and batteries, battery-operated radio, etc.

· Move valuable items from your basement to higher levels in your home.

· Clear eaves troughs and downspouts – if safe to do so – to direct water away from your home.

· Shovel snow away from the house, especially basement windows.

· Ask someone to check your property if you are away.

Take these precautions if you have more time:

· Create an emergency preparedness plan for your family.

· Prepare a detailed home inventory. This can be done as photos or video.

· Install a sump pump and/or sewer backup valve.

· Elevate furnaces, hot water heaters and electrical panels in the basement or relocate them to a higher level.

· Check with your insurance broker to make sure you have appropriate coverage.

Source: Insurance Bureau of Canada