Plates and hwy 407

Picture this!

If you have bought new plates or have taken your vehicle off the road, always make sure you return the old plates to the nearest Service Ontario office. Never throw the old plates in the garbage or leave them lying around in an area where the public has access to. As well, if your plates are stolen off of your vehicle, file a report with the police and then notify the nearest Service Ontario office.

Failing to take these extra precautions can result in your plates being used for illegal purposes, which can certainly result in legal headaches unless you have notified the MTO.

A license plate remains in your name until you notify the MTO. Whether stolen off your vehicle or taken from your garbage or garage, once it finds its way onto the back of someone else’s vehicle, it becomes a free pass for Highway 407. For vehicles without a transponder the 407 cameras photograph the rear plate and the charges are sent to the plate owner via the MTO records. You can imagine the accumulated toll charges in amonth if some commercial vehicle was making end to end frequent daily runs using your plate.

Take that extra step and avoid unwanted surprises.