Ice Storm Advisory and Claims Guidelines

Please note that due to high claims volumes, insurance carriers may not meet their normal contact time frame criteria.  Your patience is appreciated.  If you have not been contacted within 48 hours from the time you reported your claim, contact CCV and we will follow up.

Trees or branches have pulled the hydro stack from your house – wires down

Electricians will be in short supply.  If you can locate one take a picture of the damaged stack and then go ahead with having an electrician effect repairs.  The invoice can then be submitted to your insurance carrier. 

Trees or branches on the house

Do not attempt to remove the branches or the tree from your house.  We don’t want you or your neighbors sustaining injuries.

Trees or branches on the car

If the branch can be safely removed from the car and the car is driveable, take a picture of the branch on the vehicle before removal.  Reporting will depend on the extent of the damage.  If the vehicle has sustained scratches or minor dents, obtain one estimate before deciding whether a claim needs to be reported.

Safety precautions: 

If you have branches hanging down from the weight of ice which might be blocking your walkways or driveway, do not start knocking ice off the branches in hopes they will rise.  You might be struck by larger chunks of ice falling from higher up branches or some large branches can break free and injure you. 

If your car is parked under a tree or power line and there is a safe alternative place to park it, moving the vehicle may avoid damage from falling branches or ice.

Do not try to remove trees or branches that are leaning against wires, and do not go near any downed power lines.  Alert your local hydro of any of these situations. For more information, click here.

Try to keep sidewalks and walkways clear and salted to prevent someone from slipping and injuring themselves.

Clear any exhaust or gas exhaust vents that are blocked with ice.

Any questions or concerns, contact CCV for advice. We will continue to provide updates and tips via our Facebook  page as well.