Driver training courses

Discounts that actually count.

With the high cost of insuring young drivers, there has been an increase in the number of fake driving school certificates or ones obtained from driving schools not approved by the Ministry of Transportation.

In the past, drivers who did not take ministry approved training courses could obtain the same insurance discounts as young drivers who had received proper training. Making insurance more affordable for drivers who did not take these courses means more untrained, inexperienced drivers on the road. The inevitable increase in accidents will logically drive up the rates for all young people.

In an attempt to control this problem the Ministry of Transportation requires that students who have successfully completed all components of a Beginner Driving Education course will be certified on-line through the driving school with which they completed their course. In the on-line student certification process, once a student has successfully completed a Beginner Driving Education course, and the driving school has completed the certification transaction, the student driver record will be updated through the Ministry of Transportation.

Proof of course completion for insurance discounts requires drivers obtaining their Driver License History. This is done by request through the Ministry. The Driver License History search can only be requested by the license holder. The application must be signed by the applicant.

To assist in this initiative many insurance carriers have stopped accepting any certificates except the official Ministry Driver License History.