Take the Dare with CCV, Show you care on February 4th , World Cancer Day

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Claudia Connor from Wellspring Chinguacousy will be joining CCV as well as two volunteer hair dressers to assist with the extensions.

Two types of pink hair extensions will be offered – both clip in and the semi-permanent clasp.
Each extension will cost $20 directly benefiting Wellspring Chinguacousy and CCV’s Care Dare fundraising goal.

“Wellspring Chinguacousy is a cancer support centre located in a residential neighborhood in the heart of Brampton. It is a warm, inviting home where people living with cancer and their families can come to meet, talk and share with others who understand what they are going through. More than 40 programs and services, provided at no cost, are available to help those with cancer cope with the emotional and psychological impact of the disease.”

In addition to the Pink Hair Campaign, CCV will be running a month long fundraiser called ” The Care Dare”. All proceeds from The Pink Hair Campaign will directly benefit CCV’s Care Dare goal of $5,000. Not only does this benefit a great cause, this campaign is in memory of one of our own who battled this terrible disease, Doreen Young.

If CCV reaches the $5,000 goal by the end of February – Anthony, Luke and Andrew have volunteered to take the dare of buzzing off all their hair!

By clicking the link below you will be able to see CCV’s Team Donation Page. This link can be copied and shared to family and friends via email or social media. This will also be featured on CCV’s website for the month of February.

Click here to sponsor our Dare.

Take the Dare, Show you care on February 4th , World Cancer Day



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