Life & Living Benefits Insurance in Ontario

Smart Planning Ensures Financial Security – Prevent Financial Burden With Life insurance

You have insured your home and your car, now what about insuring what’s most important – your life.

No matter what your life stage or financial need, if you own your home it’s likely that you may need mortgage insurance. We provide flexible, convertible and fully transferable term insurance to protect you and your family.

CCV offers a full line of life insurance products designed to protect you and your family, no matter what life throws your way.

Provide a cash benefit to protect your beneficiaries if you die. CCV options Include:

  • Term – flexible and affordable protection providing coverage for a specified period
  • Whole life – guaranteed, reliable, permanent protection that builds cash value over time
  • Universal life – permanent protection with tax-advantaged investment growth

Helps protect your income, investments and lifestyle if you are injured or ill. CCV options include:

  • Disability insurance – monthly benefit providing income protection if you’re unable to work due to injury or illness
  • Critical illness insurance – lump sum benefit if you’re diagnosed with a covered critical illness (provided after a standard waiting period)
  • Long term care insurance – helps pay for long term care and services to protect your retirement savings and investment

A Mortgage Term Life insurance policy will provide your loved ones with debt protection funds if something happens to you. They can use these funds to help make their mortgage payments or pay the mortgage out in full.

  • You choose the coverage you need based on your mortgage balance
  • You can pay premiums annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly

Whether it’s family protection, income protection, business continuity, wealth accumulation or estate preservation, your CCV insurance advisor can help develop a strategy ideal for you and your family. After reviewing our Life Insurance and Living Benefits information below.

Your house is a big investment, probably one of the biggest you will make. Mortgage insurance offers mortgage debt protection to you and your family. At CCV, we provide flexible, convertible and fully transferable term insurance to meet your needs and your family’s.

Don’t forget to meet with a CCV Insurance advisor to review your goals, needs and your options.

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