What Are The Insurance Odds?

When you buy insurance, what have you really purchased? If you are fortunate enough to never have a claim, you have bought peace of mind. On the other hand, in the event of a claim, you will quickly find out whether the product you purchased is a good one or not.

At CCV, we are available to help make sure your questions are answered and your claim is resolved in a fair and timely manner.

Being involved in an accident is a very stressful event. Our experienced 24-Hour Claims Assistance Service staff can answer your questions and get you the emergency response services you need.

The following guidelines will help you determine the best course of action to follow in the event of a claim;

  • In the event of an emergency, take whatever action is necessary to prevent further loss or damage without placing yourself or others at risk of personal injury
  • Contact the authorities (Fire or Police) when necessary
  • Report the claim to CCV as soon as possible by calling 1-877-422-8123
  • Discuss the details of the loss ONLY with the authorities, CCV, or your insurance adjuster
  • Make no voluntary payments
  • Do not authorize repairs or commence repairs until your insurance adjuster has inspected the damage
  • Do not dispose of any damaged property until authorized by your adjuster

To contact us or report a claim, please click here:

Make A Claim

24-Hour Claims Assistance

We offer 24-Hour Claims Assistance. Our experienced claims service staff can answer your questions and get you the emergency response services you need.  If you would like to report a claim or require assistance after regular business hours, please follow these guidelines.

Most automobile and property claims do not need to be reported to CCV or your insurance carrier until the next business day.  If you require immediate assistance or advice with respect to your claim, please review the following options;

  • Contact your insurance carrier’s Emergency Claims Service, if you have the name of your insurance carrier and policy number, at the corresponding number below. (with respect to auto claims, this information can be found on your pink liability insurance slip)
  • Contact CCV’s 24-Hour Claims Assistanceat 1-877-422-8123 or complete this form, if you do not have your insurance carrier’s name and policy number, and you will be connected to Granite Claims Solutions, our after-hours claims service provider.

Q. After an accident, do I have the choice of where my vehicle is to be towed and repaired?

A.  The choice is yours.  You do not have to have it towed to or fixed at the repair facility recommended by the towing company.  If the accident takes place after hours, your insurance adjuster will make arrangements to have it moved to the repair facility of your choice the next business day.

Q. How long will it take to settle my claim?

A. Each claim is different and therefore the length of time needed to settle your claim depends on various factors.  However, the sooner you notify us of a claim, the sooner we can start the process.  Don’t delay.

Q. What is a deductible?

A.  A deductible is the amount stipulated in your policy that you pay towards a covered loss.  For example, if your policy carries a $1000 deductible and your loss is $5000, you would pay the first $1000 and your insurance carrier would pay $4000.

Q. If an accident is not my fault and my car doesn’t look to be damaged, should I still report a claim?

A. Regardless of who was at fault, you should contact CCV and provide details of the accident.  This will ensure you have taken the appropriate steps should you find out you require medical treatment or that your vehicle sustained damage not immediately visible.

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