Milestones and Award Winners Celebrated at CCV!!

On May 16, 2013, the members of CCV came together to recognize and celebrate milestones and achievements realized by several members of the organization.

We were pleased to formally recognize the following employment anniversary’s:

35 Years – Dale McKay & Susan Moore

30 Years – Brian Evans

25 Years – Chris Forbes

15 Years – Carol Andruszko

10 Years – Margaret Johnson, Stephen Stoute & Courtney Wagstaff

5 Years – Maria Giugovaz & Andy Mattice

1 Year – Susie Soares & Vilma Tarascio

We also recognized the CCV Leader Board winners which identifies the top producers within CCV for 2012:

First Place: Deborah Gibson

Second Place: Deane Belfry

Third Place: Stephen Stoute

Through their hard work, effort and enthusiasm, these three individuals achieved tremendous success – Congratulations!

A new award this year, The Shining Star Award was announced and presented during the celebration. While everyone at CCV is considered a ‘star’, we recognize that there are always a couple of individuals that shine brighter than the rest.

Based on Peer Nomination and Voting, we were pleased to present the following two individuals with The Shining Star Award: Lucas Giugovaz and Debra Avila

Congratulations to everyone for your contributions to CCV, and especially to those achieving anniversary milestones and award winners.