CCV Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for Heart & Stroke!

CCV celebrated Valentine’s Day, February 13-14th, 2013, with our Flower O’ Gram fundraising event. This new fundraising event to raise funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation was a success. Our dedicated and thoughtful staff raised over $400 in this giving and cheerful event.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is one of Canada’s largest and most effective health charities. Over the last 60 years they have invested more than $1.3 billion in heart and stroke research, making them the largest contributor in Canada after the federal government. In that time, the death rate from heart disease and stroke has declined by more than 75 per cent.

CCV is committed and active in the local communities we serve. Not only do we have a passion and strong connection to our neighbourhoods, towns and cities we operate in, we believe it’s our responsibility in being a quality corporate citizen.


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