What Could A Data or Privacy Breach Cost You?

Can you quantify the cost to your school’s reputation from the impact of losing confidential information of your staff, parents or children?

Statistics will show that 74% of small to mid-size companies will be targeted for cybercrime. 42% have lost confidential and private data. A further study has shown that 96% of breaches could have been avoided without having difficult or expensive protocols in place. The Province of Alberta has legislated that a breach be responded to with notice to those affected by the breach while Ontario has mandated notification in areas of health data breaches under (PHIPA), the Personal Health Information Protection Act. Bill C-12 is a federal amendment to PIPEDA that addresses a notification component.

Cyber insurance is not just about PIPEDA! It is about digital asset expenses incurred as a result of corruption, damage or destruction caused by a network security incident. This type of expense reimbursement coverage
is excluded from most policies today.

Private schools and childcares are subject to legislation from the Ministry of Education, Human Rights, Health and Safety as well as professional misconduct from disciplinary Colleges. When a breach occurs, there may be written notification required to affected parties of the breach.

If you are still unconvinced that this is a potential threat to your school or centre, ask yourself if the following examples are potential risks:

  • Missing, stolen or misplaced laptop or peripheral containing staff or students and/or their parent’s private information like social insurance numbers, credit card information, health conditions or academic performance.
  • Erroneous mailing, faxing or emailing of confidential information to another party that causes harm or quantifiable consequences.
  • Improper document or equipment disposal or destruction.
  • If parents do not pay by credit card, where do copies of recorded cheques get stored?

address paid employment practices relating to employer relationships with employees who have a disability through all phases of their employment.

Protocols, procedures and their effective implementation will be key to your long term existence free of litigation. Kelsey Orth can provide the legal expertise to tailor your policies for the asking or check the government websitefor further detail. As always, your best legal defence is the one paid for by your insurance company! MySchool and Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability and Errors & Omissions Liability continue to be that safe haven solution at a fraction of the cost of what non-compliance , a fine or investigation could develop into. If in doubt, call CCV for more on insurance protection to be better prepared for your obligations in employment!