As The Eagle Soars

CCMA and CCV Insurance & Financial continue to fly!

When back to school classrooms resonate with summer vacation stories, it is a time to celebrate that pause from routine with all the revitalization that this brings for students and teachers alike. Many Montessori owners, however, have faced anything but routine with the effect on their enrolment and staffing as Ontario public and Catholic schools continue phasing in full day Kindergarten. Indeed the playing field is changing, along with the public sector entry, as some small and large schools sell or close down.

With the pleasure of witnessing the grandeur of the Alaskan wilderness this summer, I am immediately drawn to the metaphors of such a magnificent and vast wilderness state. There is the strength of the Bald Eagle to have its numbers multiply significantly after suffering previous assaults to its existence. There is climate change reputed to threaten northern glaciers, yet I see they still stand majestic and strong as do the mountain ranges scan tall and long. As noble as the salmon jumping rock beds to spawn and the mother bear’s ferocity to protect her young, Montessori owners and the gifts they bring to society will prevail.

There will always be a place for CCMA members and the special and authentic education they bring totheir communities through changing times. CCV Insurance & Financial Services are proud to partner in the journey of insurance protection with the continued endorsement from the CCMA Board of Directors this year. We feel privileged and humbled by the vote of confidence to continue to service Montessori owners. CCV provide a service and product relationship as unique as your school in good and challenging times. We thank you for the opportunity to continue the flight together and soar as the eagle above adversity.