What Is The Personal Impact Of A Traumatic Loss?

It can happen to anyone.

“It was just like any other routine Monday morning… fighting traffic to get to the office, grabbing coffee to go and search for my pass card to the building. Our Nursing Agency has about 20 clerical staff that should be arriving within the next thirty minutes. I arrive early to get all the scheduling done for the day. However, for some strange reason the door is ajar and the office lights are off. The power is out and as I step inside my heart starts to race, my coffee falls out of my hand as I realize we have had a break in. All computers are overturned, documents with private client information opened up and cabinets thrown about. Graffiti spray painted on the walls with obscenities. Who could have done this? Was the alarm not set? Thoughts go racing through my mind and then I realize I am not alone.
As I turn to face the intruders, they dart out of sight and exit through the back of the building. I am frozen and dare not take another step. I feel violated and a flood of emotions overwhelm me as I collapse to the floor. Now what…?”

At CCV, we recognize there are different types and degrees of loss and that every individual will react differently during a time of crisis. Receiving professional help following a traumatic loss is crucial. Counselling services can help individuals understand and cope with their emotions, helping them to move forward. For the MyHealth Insurance Program we develop customized coverage based on your business needs. Trauma Assist* offers confidential counselling 24 hours a day at no additional cost to help you cope with a traumatic event relating to an insured loss.
Better insurance. Period.
The information presented is only an outline of the coverage available and is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. Please refer to the policy wording for complete details. E&O Excl.
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