Easy Cover - Work With ConfidenceWhat Does it Cover?

The core coverage offered by EasyCover is Professional Liability (or E&O as it’s commonly known).  Professional Liability Insurance is designed specifically to protect those who’s business it is to offer professional service or advice.  Some common examples include IT consultants, business consultants and marketing consultants.  But that’s not all we cover!

Commercial General Liability (or CGL as it’s otherwise known) is the most common and well known type of insurance a business will have, and it’s available with EasyCover.  This is critical coverage that’s designed to protect your business in the event you or your employees cause third-party bodily injury or property damage in the course of your operations. Commercial General Liability Insurance, however, typically does not cover financial losses to a third party in the course of providing any professional services or advice. So, if your business is to provide a service or advice, you have a gap in coverage.

Some common claims situations include:

Professional Negligence:
Committing an error while carrying out a professional service.

Presenting information that the client feels is faulty or misleading.

Libel and Slander:
Harming the reputation of the client.

Inaccurate Advice:
Offering faulty or incorrect professional information to a client.

Loss of Documents:
Losing a client’s important documents.

easycover_logoProfessional-Liability** The information herein is intended to be a general overview only.  For details on coverage and terms, please refer to the policy wording.