Seven Steps to Cold Weather Safety

Seven steps to cold weather safety
Winter weather has arrived in much of the country. Do you know the signs of hypothermia, and what to do if you get frostbite? Read on to make sure you’re ready for cold weather!

1) Listen to the weather forecast
•Check the Environment Canada weather forecast before going out.
•Listen for a wind […]

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Provincial Insurance Brokers Association Urges Safe Driving During Winter Weather

Provincial Insurance Brokers Association Urges Safe Driving During Winter Weather
(Toronto, Ontario) With the winter weather officially upon us, the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO) is reminding Ontario drivers to take precautions when driving on Ontario roads over the snow filled months. Last evening, Eastern Ontario was hit with its first major storm which acts […]

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Important fire safety tips during power outages!

To reduce fire risk during a power outage, the Office of the Fire Marshal offers the following safety tips

Electrically-connected smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms will not work when the power is out unless they have battery back-ups. Make sure your home has battery-operated smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms.
Everyone should know how to get […]

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Emergency Claims Contact Information

Claims should be reported through CCV’s Claims Department.
Customers should be advised to take full and proper precautions and to be on the lookout for any potential hazards that may have resulted from the storm. They should be reminded to follow all instructions from utility and service providers, local government and emergency response teams. Claims should still […]

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Ice Storm Advisory and Claims Guidelines

Ice Storm Advisory and Claims Guidelines
Please note that due to high claims volumes, insurance carriers may not meet their normal contact time frame criteria.  Your patience is appreciated.  If you have not been contacted within 48 hours from the time you reported your claim, contact CCV and we will follow up.

Trees or branches have pulled […]

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Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays
The Christmas tree

Get a freshly cut tree. It will stay green longer and be less of a fire hazard. Try to pick a tree with a strong green colour and noticeable fragrance.
Always test for freshness before buying. A tree with high moisture content is safer. Very few needles should […]

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The Great Storm of July 2013

The Great Storm of July 2013
Not since Hurricane Hazel hit the Toronto area in 1954 has the GTA experienced the type of flooding, sewer backup and influx of water that took place earlier this month.

Insurance companies and contractors will be working endless hours in response to the thousands of claims generated by the storm.

Below are […]

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Transfer of ownership

Whether selling your vehicle privately, signing it over to a wrecker or body shop, you should always make sure the ownership has been transferred out of your name before instructing your insurance broker to delete the vehicle from your policy. A bill of sale or signed ownership does not [...]

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Plates and hwy 407

If you have bought new plates or have taken your vehicle off the road, always make sure you return the old plates to the nearest Service Ontario office. Never throw the old plates in the garbage or leave them lying around in an area where the public has access to. As well, if your plates [...]

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Bill of lading

When it comes to shipping frozen goods, a bill of lading is an important part of the agreement, but it must specify certain conditions in order to properly protect your goods. Let's look at an example: A company dealing in frozen goods hired a trucking firm to carry frozen goods to a customer [...]

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