MyResort Insurance From CCV

Whether it be the families enjoying resorts or the ones running them, our goal is to give families the protection they need by making sure their risks are insured. MyResort works with your resort’s unique needs to create a plan to keep you and your guests safe.

Andy Mattice | BA,CAIB Business Development Advisor

Andy is a local resident of Huntsville, ON and has 14+ years of experience managing business insurance for clients. Based out of our Muskoka office, he works in the best interest of you in partnership with Special Risk Insurance Managers to build a policy that suits your individual needs.

Mark Evans | BA,CIP Claims Manager

Mark has 35 years of experience in handling all lines of claims plus a thorough knowledge of the workings of claims departments. He will explain your options so you will be able to make a fully informed decision before a claim is reported.

We understand that insurance can be intimidating because the industry is ever changing. Unlike other insurance companies our brokers take the time to walk you through your policy coverage in plain English, without using industry jargon. You can be confident that you understand what you are covered for.

With the MyResort program you can rest assured that we are not just there at your renewal period. The MyResort team is dedicated to staying connected with you throughout the term, so whenever you need us we are there for you.

The MyResort program can provide coverage for all aspects of your resort operation for both physical damage as well as personal/professional liability.

Available Coverage

  • Flood & earthquake
  • Sewer back up coverage
  • Host liquor liability – events or bar/restaurants
  • Boats/motors/kayaks/canoes/water trampolines
  • Offseason liability
  • Pollution protection

While the MyResort program was built with more typical fishing, hunting and family resorts in mind, we can also provide coverage for less common properties, situations & assets as well.

Available Coverage

  • Camp sites
  • Airplanes/aircrafts
  • Hangars/airstrips

We also know that many resort owners often live on the property year round. This can bring with it unique insurance requirements including being at risk of losing both your home and resort if an unfortunate incident were to occur. Fortunately MyResort can cover your personal and residential property in the same policy, eliminating your exposure to liability in such a case.

Choose Your Own Renewal Dates

We know that you call it your busy season for a reason. The last thing you want to be doing is deciding on insurance coverage when you have guests to entertain. MyResort gives you the flexibility to choose your renewal date so you can take the time you need in choosing the right insurance policy customized to your specific needs.

Versatile Financing Options

Being a seasonal business it can be difficult to manage your out of season costs which is why the MyResort program offers flexible payment plans. This allows you the freedom to choose a payment plan that makes it easier to manage your cash flow.

Offsite Extension

Your guests often leave the property to pursue their adventures and enjoy their vacation itineraries. The MyResort program offers coverage for incidents you may be liable for that occur offsite so you don’t have to worry about what happens when your guests are out of sight.

Our in-house Claims Manager, is always available to help make sure your questions are answered and your claim is resolved in a fair and timely manner. There’s peace of mind knowing that we’ll be guiding you through the claims process every step of the way.