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General Liability

Protect your growing Ontario business from financial liability and the costs associated with defending potential lawsuits with commercial general liability insurance.

Our policies will also help protect you from allegations of negligence for bodily injury to others or property damage of others arising out of your operations, products or services. Our expert brokers will provide you with the sound advice to protect your business.

Often contracts with your landlord, clients, lenders or the government require evidence of commercial liability insurance. We can arrange specialized coverage needed for your Ontario business.


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If your business deals with people, and that includes most companies, you need business general liability insurance. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small direct sales business or a large multi-city operation, you need to protect your business from liability issues that can arise from things like a customer tripping and injuring himself while walking on your sidewalk, a visitors getting hit on the head by a falling vendor booth display or you accidentally spill coffee on a client’s laptop, erasing all of her data.

As careful as your company may be, it’s impossible to prevent events like these from happening.

What is general liability insurance?

General liability insurance covers the cost of defending lawsuits that arise from a person outside your company or his or her property being injured by something your company or its employees did or failed to do.

This type of insurance also pays damages and medical payment resulting from such suits. General liability insurance also protects your Ontario business if you are sued for slander or defamation of character.

Any time you meet a client or potential customer face to face or handle equipment that belongs to them, you have the potential for a liability lawsuit. Don’t risk the business you’ve built so carefully by not insuring against such lawsuits.

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