Insuring your building to value is not only good business, but the most cost efficient use of your insurance dollars.

If you are under insured, you run the risk of becoming a co-insurer which can prove very costly in the event of a loss. Over insuring can result in you paying premium based on an amount you would not be entitled to collect in full should a loss take place. When it comes to determining re-building values, it’s best not to guess!

CCV Insurance & Financial Services Inc. strongly recommends all building owners obtain a current Comprehensive Certified Replacement Cost New Appraisal.

The Appraisal will take into account the added/increased costs associated with:

Demolition of damaged and undamaged portion of the building

  • Demolition of damaged and undamaged portion of the building
  • Debris Removal
  • Architects Fees and Permits
  • Increased cost associated with the application local municipal By-Laws

For a small financial investment, you can be confident you have purchased an “educated” limit of protection.

CCV has associated themselves with Veri-Cost Property Appraisal Services, offering Replacement Cost New Appraisal Reports and special pricing specifically designed to meet the needs of CCV clients.

Veri-Cost Property Appraisal Services can be contacted at:



Phone: 1-888-222-1599