Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays

Home Fire Safety Tips for the Holidays
The Christmas tree

Get a freshly cut tree. It will stay green longer and be less of a fire hazard. Try to pick a tree with a strong green colour and noticeable fragrance.
Always test for freshness before buying. A tree with high moisture content is safer. Very few needles should […]

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Ontario Government announces plan to reduce auto insurance rates by 15% within two years

Ontario Government announces plan to reduce auto insurance rates by 15% within two years.
The Ontario government has announced the next steps in its plan that it says will reduce auto insurance rates by an average of 15%, a measure it included in this year’s budget.

The government said Friday it’s aiming to make the average reduction […]

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The Great Storm of July 2013

The Great Storm of July 2013
Not since Hurricane Hazel hit the Toronto area in 1954 has the GTA experienced the type of flooding, sewer backup and influx of water that took place earlier this month.

Insurance companies and contractors will be working endless hours in response to the thousands of claims generated by the storm.

Below are […]

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Liberal Budget Aims for 15% Auto Rate Reduction

The government has proposed an action plan to reduce auto rates for Ontario drivers by about 15%.

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Osler Open Golf Tournament 2013

CCV is proud to be a sponsor for the 2013 Osler Open Golf Tournament at the Brampton Golf Club which takes place Monday, June 10.

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Milestones and Award Winners

CCV would like to congratulate everyone for their contributions, and would like to commemorate those achieving anniversary milestones and awards.

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The building evaluator

Insuring your building to value is not only good business, but the most cost efficient use of your insurance dollars. If you are under insured, you run the risk of becoming a co-insurer which can prove very costly in the event of a loss. Over insuring can result in you paying [...]

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Water Damage Prevention Tips

Water damage claims, whether covered by insurance or not are a source of great worry and inconvenience. The best protection against water losses is prevention. Below you will find some useful tips that can help you avoid or minimize the damage caused by water. [...]

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Driver training courses

With the high cost of insuring young drivers, there has been an increase in the number of fake driving school certificates or ones obtained from driving schools not approved by the Ministry of Transportation. In the past, drivers who [...]

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Jewellery insurance

Most home insurance policies limit the amount payable for jewellery claims. $6,000 is a common limit found on many policies. Keep in mind that the jewellery limit is for all jewellery lost in a claim, and not for each item. Several pieces can exceed $6,000 quite quickly. Scheduling more [...]

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