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Emergency Preparedness

Remembering Black Friday – Edmonton Tornado, July 31 1987
Are you prepared for a natural disaster?
As we remember weather catastrophes like the 1987 Edmonton Tornado, known as Black Friday, or even our most recent severe rain falls of 2013, we need to remind ourselves to take the time to be prepared. It’s easier than you think! […]

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Severe Storms

Severe Storms
Severe storms are unpredictable and can occur during any season. Storms of this nature can develop quickly and often include hail, lightning, strong winds and heavy rainfall.
Are you at risk?
Communities across the country are vulnerable.
Are you prepared?

Prepare a detailed home inventory.
Prepare your home.
Assemble a disaster safety kit.
Create an emergency preparedness plan for […]

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Read the fine print or it could cost you.
By: Deborah Gibson, BA, CIP

The rain and ice storms of 2013 were not only a test of endurance and survival; they created hardship between landlords and tenants when it came to determining whose insurance paid for any damage. While the typical assumption is that the tenant holds […]

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