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Liberal Budget Aims for 15% Auto Rate Reduction

The government has proposed an action plan to reduce auto rates for Ontario drivers by about 15%.

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Osler Open Golf Tournament 2013

CCV is proud to be a sponsor for the 2013 Osler Open Golf Tournament at the Brampton Golf Club which takes place Monday, June 10.

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Milestones and Award Winners

CCV would like to congratulate everyone for their contributions, and would like to commemorate those achieving anniversary milestones and awards.

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Plates and hwy 407

If you have bought new plates or have taken your vehicle off the road, always make sure you return the old plates to the nearest Service Ontario office. Never throw the old plates in the garbage or leave them lying around in an area where the public has access to. As well, if your plates [...]

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Bill of lading

When it comes to shipping frozen goods, a bill of lading is an important part of the agreement, but it must specify certain conditions in order to properly protect your goods. Let's look at an example: A company dealing in frozen goods hired a trucking firm to carry frozen goods to a customer [...]

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